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Posted on November 1, 2011


Be sure you’re taking advantage of the online resources for your math homework.

HELP ME!  Quick Reference

  • I need help understanding the examples in the book, or I need some more examples.

             Homework Video Tutor <> Web Code: aqe-0775       

  • Click on the Chapter you need, then click on the appropriate lesson.
  • OR you can go directly to the lesson you need by typing in the Home-       work Video Tutor web code provided in each lesson in the book.
  • I would like to see how well I understand the material in a lesson by taking a short quiz.  (Great for studying for quizzes!)

             Online Lesson Quiz  (Web Codes provided in each lesson)

  • Twelve multiple choice problems will be given.  You can grade your quiz at the end to see how you did.
  • I would like to study for a Chapter Test by taking a practice test online.  (Good idea!)

             Chapter Test  (Web Codes provided on the Chapter Test pages.)

  • Twenty question practice test.  You can grade your test at the end

    to see how you did.

             Vocabulary Quiz  (Web Codes provided on the Chapter Review pages)

  • Complete a crossword puzzle using the important vocabulary                                 words from the whole chapter.
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