Fries Friday!!!!

Posted on March 20, 2012


6th Graders,

Itroducing Fries Friday. Each week one student will earn free french fries on Friday for completing certain activities and being signed up on Here’s what you need to do.

1. Sign up using your email address on

2. click on your name in the upper right. On that page on the bottom left side is a place where you can add me as a coach. Use the email address 6.belders at nhacloud dot com (written as an email address, not the way I wrote it there).

3. Complete activities assigned. For each assigned activity you complete you will have one entry into the drawing. This week’s lessons and activites are:

You can watch the videos or just skip right to the practice for this concept using the green button in the upper right.

Area of a circle:

Radius, Diameter, Circumference of a Circle:–radius–diameter-and-circumference

Area of a non-standard polygon: (this one is the video only)

Cylinder Volume and Surface Area: 2 entries for completing this activity!!!!

Good luck!

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