European Farmer Assignment

Posted on February 22, 2016


You will choose a country and a crop to grow. Use the information from the following sources to write the Claim, Evidence, Reasoning format the construct your writing.

You must choose from these countries:

Spain, Italy, Greece, Germany, Russia, Hungary

You must choose to grow one of these crops:

Fruit (figs or pomegranates), Cotton, or a Vineyard

You will use a variety of resources for your evidence:

#1Use the CIA world factbook to include how much money you would earn if you were made the average income in that country

CIA World Factbook

#2 Use temperature, precipitation, land use, political and population density maps

Temp and precip maps

#3 Use informational articles about growing your crops to include details about what you must do to grow your crops

Cotton     Grapes/Vineyard    Figs  Pomegranates 


If you were a farmer in Europe, what would you grow, where would you grow it and how would you grow it? This is your claim. What are you farming? Where? What will your life be like?


Your evidence should include facts that describe factors that are relevant to your life as a farmer. Use the articles, maps, and CIA world factbook as your evidence to provide facts about what your life would be like. This is your evidence.


Your reasoning should explain how the facts from your evidence impacts you as a farmer. Your reasoning explains how your evidence connects to your claim.


Checkpoint #1 European Farmer Assignment

Google Forms: Checkpoint 1 redo 🙂

Checkpoint#2    European Farmer Note taking Guiding Question

Checkpoint #3 Rough Draft Written in Google Drive

Student Sample CER

Student Sample CER 2

Checkpoint #4 Peer Review of European Farmer

Submit to Google Classroom (Due Tuesday March 1)


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