Asia’s Population Group Projects

Posted on May 14, 2018




Linked below are resources that will help you complete your group project. Have fun! I look forward to seeing your presentations!

30.1&2 Textbook: Page 430-433 Workbook page 250

32.1&2 Textbook: Page 455-457 Workbook page 263

Part 1. Read sections 1 and 2 of your chapter. Become familiar with the vocabulary from your chapter

Part 2. Read your section and complete the workbook pages that align with your section

Part 3. Become familiar with the tasks involved in the slides that I give you

Part 4. Decide how to present your section to the class. Decide if you will have the students participate in any additional tasks or activities. Kahoot? Illustrations? Discussions? Etc

Part 5. Have a finalized plan typed that includes the order of activities during your one hour teaching. Include who is doing what for each thing planned. A clear plan is very important. Submit your plan on google classroom.

Work Day Evaluation

Sample Presentation Itinerary 

Group Project Expectations

All group work need to be submitted to google classroom. The only exception is the reading questions, which you need to add me as a collaborator to! See the second video below.

How to share your reading questions with Mr. Elders:


Three Gorges Dam Video Test

Being Chinese Video Test

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