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Triangles and Quadrilaterals Review

April 11, 2018


Students, DESMOS activity to begin HERE is a game that will help you practice your understanding of naming angles by their sides and by their angles! Quadrilaterals Review Game 2 Enjoy! -Mr. Elders

Lines, Angles, and FUN!

March 28, 2018


DESMOS angles funtivity

Cross Section of a 3D Object

June 6, 2017


Cross Section of a 3D object Volume and Surface Area Activities

Composite Figures Activities

March 22, 2016


 Turtle Teacher Learn from a turtle how to find the area of composite figures Math Interactives Identify what shapes make a composite figure and match the correct formula for the area of the different shapes of composite figures. Here’s a video from the guy that repeats himself… repeats him…self. Practice this on KHAAAAN! (be sure to login […]

Area of Composite Figures

October 28, 2014


Here is a video that you might find helpful for finding the area of composite figures. VIDEO Here is an activity to help you practice that will eventually get you to compound polygons. ACTIVITY

Area and Perimeter Practice

April 1, 2014


Here is a game to practice the area  of quadrilaterals Baseball Geometry Here is a game to practice the perimeter of quadrilaterals: Basketball Geometry Here is a game to practice the circumference of cirlces: Basketball Geometry Here is a game to practice the area of circles: Basketball Geometry   All 4 are similar, but different […]

Lines of Symmetry

March 18, 2014


Game 1 Game 2 Game 3

Angles Funtivities

March 11, 2014


Here are the games we played in class during the last couple days! Enjoy Complementary and Supplementary Angles Lines, Segments and Rays Labeling Angles Game Acute, Right, Obtuse Angles Enjoy!

Volume and Surface Area of Cylinders

March 27, 2013


This can be a challenging lesson. Find the area of the two cirlces and then find the area of the rectangle. Remember the width is the same measure as the circumference of the circle! Watch the video for tips on finding the surface area of cylinders!

Volume and Surface Area

March 15, 2012


Sixth graders, Here’s a video to help you with finding volume and surface area. Plus, click here to practice!  I really encourage you to sign up using your account and use my email as your mentor!