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Percent Word Problems

March 1, 2017


End of Chapter 6 Recap As a class we will be practicing these problems. Percent Word Problems Feel free to master this skill on your own on

Discounts and Markups

February 22, 2017


Sixth Graders, Here are a few games and activities that we will be playing in class today. Calculate a tip! Can you complete level 3? Math at the Mall!  Who Wants to be a Millionaire?! Can you earn 1 Million Dollars?

Percent Equation and Proportion Games

February 8, 2017


The Percent Equation  There are a variety of skills I have recommended on Khan Academy. Visit there and master those skills! Finding the Percent Game Percent Equations Game Matching Percents of a Number Game

Percent Funtivities

February 3, 2017


Desmos Percents Decimal Decention Balloon Pop Percentages  There are also a few different activities on that I recommended.