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Advanced Math Scale Model Project

April 12, 2018


Students, You will be working on a scale model project throughout the next few weeks. Your job is to find measurements of a real building or object and then create your own scale factor to either enlarge or reduce the size to make a real scale model. You can either measure an object ourselves (like […]

Proportions Jeopardy

January 6, 2017



Unit Rates

December 18, 2016


Ratios and Proportions

December 15, 2016


We are working on ratios and proportions. Here are a few videos we will watch in class on Monday. Writing Proportions: Solving Proportions: Here’s a very simple game that you can play to practice solving easy proportions. Dirt Bike Proportions RATIO BLASTER RATIO RUMBLE Finally, here’s the last set of problems we will work on […]

Ratios and Proportions

May 26, 2016


Hey everyone, I found a pretty cool game that you can practice ratios and proportions in a really fun way! Check it out! A full list of all the games!:

Metric Conversions

March 25, 2014


Yesterday I posted a video on Metric conversions. HERE , HERE, HERE and HERE are a few game that will help you practice converting metric units. Remember- KHDMDCM or Kangaroos hop ditches making dogs cat mice!

Cheesey, Corny, and Helpful

March 24, 2014


Hey, I just found this youtube video that helps explain the metric system and the conversions that we’ve been talking about in math class this week. Hopefully it’s helpful for you and you remember: Kangaroos Hop Ditches Making Dogs Catch Mice