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Transboundary Pollution

January 7, 2019


Quizlet Use the quizlet above to review the key vocabulary for this chapter.

European Union Activities

December 19, 2018


Use this site: (European Union) to explore different aspects of the European Union.

Mapping Lab: Europe and Russia

December 6, 2018


Quizizz Review 444720 672826 and 241617 European Geography Activities Click the link above to review and practice for the test on Thursday.

Supranational Cooperation: The Euro

January 17, 2018


Article on the Euro

Geography of Europe

January 4, 2017


Students, We are going to be using the first link to explore the geography of Europe. Take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the countries of Europe using the first link. 1. HERE is the link that we will be using to explore the geography of Europe and Russia. This will also be a useful […]

European Union Vocabulary and Map Quiz

January 4, 2017


These are the four terms that will appear on the vocabulary quiz on Friday. You also need to know the locations of UK, France, Germany and Spain. blank-europe-map KAHOOT REVIEW GAME

European Farmer Assignment

February 22, 2016


You will choose a country and a crop to grow. Use the information from the following sources to write the Claim, Evidence, Reasoning format the construct your writing. You must choose from these countries: Spain, Italy, Greece, Germany, Russia, Hungary You must choose to grow one of these crops: Fruit (figs or pomegranates), Cotton, or […]

Human Features of Europe and Russia

February 10, 2016


Screencast <— Norilsk screencast. Screencast <—  Wexford screencast. Screencast <—  Paris screencast. Screencast <—  Venice screencast.  

Europe and Russia World Factbook

February 8, 2015


Fill out this form first: FORM Use this worksheet: WORKSHEET Be sure to save this to your google drive first before you start typing. To do this: Click on File and make a copy Use this link to fill out your worksheet: CIA world factbook To find information on the countries you chose click on the country […]

European Geography Review

October 17, 2012


Here’s what we’ve been studying in social studies this week. If you need an extra copy of the review sheet for the assessment tomorrow, here it is: European Map Assessment Review Ancient Greece and Europe Map to Label