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Latin American Mapping Lab Review

November 8, 2018


Quizizz Review Game: Code: 843429 and 362517     Use the atlas in the back of the green textbook to fill in the physical and political features blank maps. mapping-lab-study-guide challenge-3-answer-key challenge-4-answer-key  For games and Activities CLICK HERE KAHOOT REVIEW KAHOOT REVIEW 2

Indigenous Cultures of South America

December 6, 2016


Students, HERE is an interactive activity that you can play to learn about the Mayan Culture. Have fun! Read more about indigenous cultures HERE.

CIA World Fact Book

June 1, 2016


Students, Here is the link that we will be using in class to investigate the economies of South America. . . . . . Surprise!

(UPDATED) Environmental Issues in the Amazon

January 26, 2016


Part 1 – Research  Environmental Issues in the Amazon 1.Water Pollution Acid Rain 2.Contamination from mining Mining in the Rainforest 3.Soil depletion from farming and ranching Soil Erosion and its Effects 4.Logging Deforestation   By the end of class choose which issues should be addressed. Have evidence supporting your choice. Part 2 Writing CER format <— […]

South American Exploration

January 25, 2016


Journey Into Amazonia Click the link above to explore the Amazon Rainforest through this interactive site.     Google Earth Scavenger Hunt Directions: Find the following places/locations in Google Earth. It’s easy to do! You may have to use Google first to figure out just what you are looking for and/or how to spell a location. […]

Latin American Geography Webquest

November 23, 2015


See the picture above on how to find the Latin American Geography webquest. Once you get there you will find all the directions and instructions for completing the project! Here is the link to help you with Process #1