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Lemonade Stand and Coffee Shop

May 19, 2016


Students, Here’s the activity we practiced today in the computer lab. This is a great way to practice your understanding of simple economic concepts and consider ways of improving your profits! Lemonade Stand: Leaderboard: $47.81 (initials: JuY) $39.28 (initials: ZM) $21.50 (initials: LS) $13.40 (initials: AD) $9.38 (initials: NG) Coffee Shop: Leaderboard: $365.60 (initials: […]

Immigration and Human Rights

April 18, 2016


What is the right posture to have towards immigrants and immigration in America? We will be investigating and forming opinions on this topic using the following articles and resources: Pro_Con children and immigration SCOTUS and immigration Where Do U.S. Presidential Candidates Stand on Immigration_ _ AS_COA   Class election based on immigration   

British Colonization Writing

March 7, 2016


Students, Attached are the readings for the British Colonization Writing. 4 Readings for British Maori Writing Attached  are the questions for each reading. Guided Questions for 4 Readings Attached is the Jigsaw Note sheet and the Rubric. Jigsaw Groups Guiding Questions and Rubric Your 3 or 4 paragraph writing will be due sometime next week.

South American Governments Vocabulary

January 18, 2016


Link to Vocab Quiz Quiz on FRIDEEEEEE!

South American Economics Vocabulary

January 4, 2016


Economics Practice Quiz Click the link above to practice for the vocabulary quiz on Thursday January 7!

South American Eras Quiz

December 14, 2015


QUIZ I hope you enjoy that the website made me use 6 words instead of the 5 that represent the eras of South American history.

Natural Disasters Webquest

November 4, 2015


WEBQUEST On Tuesday November 10 we will be investigating the natural disasters of the Western Hemisphere by navigating through this webquest in class. We will only being proceeding through a portion of this webquest, but we will discuss exactly what is expected in class.

Mississippi and Amazon River Writing

October 25, 2015


Students, Here are the directions for the assignment that you’ve been working on in class. Amazon assignment In addition, here are links to the readings about the Amazon River and the Mississippi River: Amazon River Mississippi River Happy Writing!

Mental Map of the Western Hemisphere

October 18, 2015


Here are some activities to help you review for the mental map of the western hemisphere: Google Maps Quiz Interactive Activities Central and South America Interactive Activities USA Students, Here is the map that we worked on in class. On Monday you’re expected to recreate this map mentally. It may not be pretty, but hopefully […]

Western Hemisphere Webquest

October 12, 2015


#1-4  North America #5-6  South America # 7-8 Brazil  # 9-11 Mexico  #12-14 Canada  #15-16 Central America #17-18 Climate Map If you finish early you may go here