6th Grade Math

Math Pages

Home (You are here) Lesson tutorials, Big Ideas Curriculum Link, Other math videos we use in class

Google Advanced Math Classroom

Math Tools: Lesson tutorials and helpful website

Khan Academy: Description of khan academy and a link to Khan academy

Math Projects: Description and links to the online projects assigned in class

Big Ideas Lesson Tutorials

Other Fun Math Videos

Check out this playlist to see and hear some of the videos we will see in math class!

This page is filled with resources to help you in math class. You will find our class notes, which include links to Khan Academy videos and activities and also information about Big Ideas Math , which can be another aid to your learning!

Check back frequently as this page will be updated often.

Feel free to explore below to find a variety of sites that will help you with your mathematical skills!

Khan Academy– a great resources for every mathematical skill

Math Tools and Games– Games and activities to help you practice

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  1. guess what!

  2. hi im not in your class any more

    • you and me both sid minus the fact tha i was never in your class. 😦 LOOK I JUST DID MATH!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Who finished HW and studing ?????????

  4. what is the LCM of 2,3,5,7 and 11

  5. i dont no i need a peice of paper

  6. Mr.Elders Could you help me with Subtracting fractions? (missed class) or anyone else? pleasex100000

  7. Figured it out. um about #21 though……

  8. hey i need help with measurments can you help me pretty please with a cherry on top!!!!!!!

  9. im your new student in 5th block


  10. Aubrey Bristol

    February 13, 2012


  11. hey aubs

  12. WHO IS JESSICA??? i curious…


  13. Aubrey Bristol

    May 28, 2012

    (Hint to Cheyanne): She doesnt go 2 our scool! SHHH! Its a secret…..:)

  14. I AM SO CONFUZZELED! ( ha ha ha, I made that word up. Instead of confused )

  15. :}


  16. Emily!!!!

    September 26, 2012

    Hey,hey,hey! So for math we have to do all the pages in the packet????


  17. Emily!!!!

    September 26, 2012

    okay….i have already done 1 page and a half..DX oh well….thnx.

  18. OKay Just for a brain jugger for all former Elders students use KHANACADEMY it helps so much…http://www.khanacademy.org

  19. Reply
  20. Hey mister elders long time no chat 🙂

  21. i need help on my math and missing work

  22. Hey mr elders

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