Khan Academy

Student Mission Dashboard for Khan Academy

1.Select Login with Google.

2. Then include your 6s.”username” email address.

3. Use the same password you use to login at school

Our class code is: TQJSGJ

Advanced Math Khan NWEA activities: Khan PDF 6 plus July 2014_0

The link above is a great website for you to practice and a huge variety of math content. You can search for any topic and find a video that can explain the content and also practice the ideas we’re learning about. I would LOVE to hear what you think about it or how it helps you. Try it out!



If you’re interested in learning more check out this video. I can help you be a coach for your student as well. Shoot me an email if you’re interested.


Mr. Elders

14 Responses “Khan Academy” →
  1. The khan academy thing isn’t working.:(

  2. i got it logged in in class, but when I do it it goes to this thing that says single sign in and it says username and password and I don’t have a username and password

  3. i did can I just make a new account

  4. k

  5. i did it and my name is marcusparham33

  6. idk how to divide fractions

  7. thanks

  8. The code isn’t working 😦


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