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Math Manipulatives <—(click this link)

You can search for different activities that can help you understand different math skills.

Math manipulatives


NWEA Math Games

Below is a website that has TONS of games for you to practice areas of math that align with the NWEA math test. Practicing on these games will give you a great opportunity to reach your goals for the year. Especially if you work on the areas in which you scored the lowest.

Have fun!

Click this link—->Math Games


Below Are Listed Some Additional Resources and Fun Ways for students to practice math facts.

Hooda Math

This is a great site to practice math skills. I recommend the Logic Games! Sugar, Sugar is very addicting. 🙂

Think Math!

This is the site of the math curriculum that the students in grades K-5 use at Walker. You can use this website to see other ways to practice the same things we’re using.

Skill Builders 

Math Playground

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  1. andrew bradley

    October 4, 2016

    how would you do the question 2.1 pg. 54 #28

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