Map Scale Activities

September 16, 2018


  Map Scale Game

Latitude and Longitude Activities

September 15, 2018


Learn, Place and Locate Game

Adding and Subtracting Integers Games

September 10, 2018


Orbit Integers Spider Match Fruit Ninja Near the end of class you will take this Quiz Multiplying Integers Multiply and Dividing Integers Number Balls Division

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The Tools of Geography Quiz

September 9, 2018


Practice Quiz and Vocab Cards Focus Vocabulary Terms: Absolute Location, Relative Location, Map Projection, Distortion, Latitude, Longitude, Equator, Prime Meridian. Vocab Quiz Review Sheet

Personal Timeline

August 21, 2018


Students, Attached below are the powerpoint and rubric for your personal timelines that are due on Tuesday, September 13. I look forward to seeing your completed work!   Personal Timeline Assignment Personal Timeline Assignment rubric

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End of Year Refelctions

June 5, 2018


End of year reflection Sixth Grade Advice

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World Geography Review

June 4, 2018


South America Europe Africa Asia Oceania