The Tools of Geography Quiz

September 9, 2018


Practice Quiz and Vocab Cards Focus Vocabulary Terms: Absolute Location, Relative Location, Map Projection, Distortion, Latitude, Longitude, Equator, Prime Meridian. Vocab Quiz Review Sheet

Personal Timeline

August 21, 2018


Students, Attached below are the powerpoint and rubric for your personal timelines that are due on Tuesday, September 13. I look forward to seeing your completed work!   Personal Timeline Assignment Personal Timeline Assignment rubric

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End of Year Refelctions

June 5, 2018


End of year reflection Sixth Grade Advice

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World Geography Review

June 4, 2018


South America Europe Africa Asia Oceania 

Group Project Links

May 21, 2018


Elders: 30.3 30.4 30.5 32.3 32.4 32.5 32.6 Thomas: 30.3 30.4 30.5   32.3 32.4 32.5 32.6 St. Andre: 30.3 30.4 30.5   32.3 32.4 32.5 32.6

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Asia’s Population Group Projects

May 14, 2018


  Students, Linked below are resources that will help you complete your group project. Have fun! I look forward to seeing your presentations! 30.1&2 Textbook: Page 430-433 Workbook page 250 32.1&2 Textbook: Page 455-457 Workbook page 263 Part 1. Read sections 1 and 2 of your chapter. Become familiar with the vocabulary from your chapter […]

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Australia and Oceania Map Quiz Review

May 8, 2018


Click this LINK to access a website that can help you review the countries of Australia and Oceania.  

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IT Revolution Writing

April 24, 2018


IT Revolution Writing Template

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Asian Geography Review Games

April 13, 2018


Countries and Physical Features Activities Quizziz Game Code:

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Advanced Math Scale Model Project

April 12, 2018


Students, You will be working on a scale model project throughout the next few weeks. Your job is to find measurements of a real building or object and then create your own scale factor to either enlarge or reduce the size to make a real scale model. You can either measure an object ourselves (like […]

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