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May 21, 2018


Elders: 30.3 30.4 30.5 32.3 32.4 32.5 32.6 Thomas: 30.3 30.4 30.5   32.3 32.4 32.5 32.6 St. Andre: 30.3 30.4 30.5   32.3 32.4 32.5 32.6

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Asia’s Population Group Projects

May 14, 2018


  Students, Linked below are resources that will help you complete your group project. Have fun! I look forward to seeing your presentations! 30.1&2 Textbook: Page 430-433 Workbook page 250 32.1&2 Textbook: Page 455-457 Workbook page 263 Part 1. Read sections 1 and 2 of your chapter. Become familiar with the vocabulary from your chapter […]

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Australia and Oceania Map Quiz Review

May 8, 2018


Click this LINK to access a website that can help you review the countries of Australia and Oceania.  

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IT Revolution Writing

April 24, 2018


IT Revolution Writing Template

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Asian Geography Review Games

April 13, 2018


Countries and Physical Features Activities Quizziz Game Code:

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Advanced Math Scale Model Project

April 12, 2018


Students, You will be working on a scale model project throughout the next few weeks. Your job is to find measurements of a real building or object and then create your own scale factor to either enlarge or reduce the size to make a real scale model. You can either measure an object ourselves (like […]

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Triangles and Quadrilaterals Review

April 11, 2018


Students, DESMOS activity to begin HERE is a game that will help you practice your understanding of naming angles by their sides and by their angles! Quadrilaterals Review Game 2 Enjoy! -Mr. Elders

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