Location Descriptions

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Task #1: Prepare one trip package to one or more Latin American countries.

  1. You may select one or multiple countries for your package. Here are the essential countries you may choose from for your task:


    1. Brazil
    2. Venezuela
    3. Colombia
    4. Ecuador
    5.  Peru
    6. Bolivia
    7.  Chile
    8.  Argentina

2. Your trip must include the following:

  • Visits to at least 4 different sites
  • At least one site must be natural
  • At least one site must be man-made
  • At least one site must be a cultural site (check out the UNESCO website listed for each country to find out more)

3. What do you need to consider to plan
your trip? (Also look at the questions to
prompt planning under Task #2 for further

physical characteristics of the country

  • natural land and man-made features people may want to see
  • impact on transportation and population of area (think population density,
  • human activities and interaction with land
  • foods available
  • shopping opportunities
  • monetary needs
  • regional goods
cultural heritage/presence
  • cultural related sites of interest
  • regional customs and beliefs tourists should know before traveling
  • language challenges
  • helpful greetings and phrases
climate and natural disasters
  • dress for trip
  • alternative weather plans
issues and concerns
  • safety
  • pollution
  • health

The Countries
4. You need to begin researching the
countries you’ve
chosen for your trips.
Use the sites provided.
This site has information on many countries:
Below, you will find websites for specific countries.









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