Brochure and Map

Task #2: Prepare a brochure to share your trip packages with potential customers.

Objective: To outline and explain to potential tourists the trip package that you have planned.

Questions to prompt planning:

    • Where will the travelers be going?


    • How will they be getting to their destinations?


    • What will they experience and hopefully learn during their trip?


    • How and what should they pack?


  • How should they prepare for this trip?

Here is what you need to consider when creating your brochure:

    • images should be inviting, clearly visible, and relative to the package


    • text should be readable, concise, and appropriate for task


    • a map should indicate the trip locations


    • information should be organized using headings and relative sections


  • the potential customer should be able to quickly scan and understand the packages

Once you have your descriptions included in your brochure, then your responsibility is include persuasive language in the descriptions to make your vacation desirable!


Brochure Checklist

  • Name

  • Title on cover page

  • Name of each location listed with country

  • Identify as man-made, cultural, or natural

  • A description of the location

  • Description should persuade you to want to visit each location

  • Relevant images for locations (captions could be helpful, but not required)


Travel Brochure Template

Brochure Sample 


Map Requirements

  • Label and name each location

  • Number each location- identifying in what order you will visit these locations.

  • Describe, possibly in a paragraph, how you will travel to each location. (Plane? Train? Automobile? Boat?)

  • Use color to make your map appealing

    • Locations in a darker color, country colored in with a lighter color


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  1. hey Mr. Elders!
    My computer wont let me send my brochure to you… do you want me to come by school early on Wednesday or print it out or something?

  2. i was working on opening the brochure but my dad doesn’t have office so i can’t do it.Is it ok if i go into school early tommorow and during lunch so i can finish it?Or is there another way. #Tyler H.


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