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The 2014 World Cup and 2016 Summer Olympics are coming to Brazil. Latin America is hopeful that these grand events will help attract people

from all over the world to travel to Latin America. Travel agencies have started locating natural features and human-made attractions

throughout Latin America to prepare trip packages for individuals traveling to Brazil for the World Cup and Olympics.
You have been recruited by a new travel agency, Latin American Expeditions, to prepare a Latin American trip package. The packages must highlight the country’s physical characteristics, historical landmarks, cultural heritage, and modern life. You may select from the provided countries. Your purpose is to expose tourists to the variety of land and human characteristics that make the countries throughout Latin America unique. Tourists may also discover some of the challenges Latin Americans face.

Once you’ve determined your packages, you will prepare a brochure to share them with potential customers. Your final task is to present your trip packages to the agency’s leaders and persuade them to offer your packages to customers.

You will find specific directions for how to complete these tasks on the Process 1 or Process 2 pages.
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