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CIA World Fact Book

June 1, 2016


Students, Here is the link that we will be using in class to investigate the economies of South America. . . . . . Surprise!

Mental Map of the Western Hemisphere

October 18, 2015


Here are some activities to help you review for the mental map of the western hemisphere: Google Maps Quiz Interactive Activities Central and South America Interactive Activities USA Students, Here is the map that we worked on in class. On Monday you’re expected to recreate this map mentally. It may not be pretty, but hopefully […]

History and Culture of the Aboriginal and Maori People

April 16, 2014


Students, Below is the writing assignment that we’ve been working on in class. I have included the guiding questions to help you finish up at home if  you need to! -Mr Elders

South American Government Writing

February 11, 2014


Sixth Graders, The image below shows the requirements for the writing that is due on Wednesday. You will need to turn in your chart, your rough draft that has been marked for editing, and a final draft free of errors. Be sure to check for our sixth grade non-negotiables of writing. All sentences begin with […]

Imports Vs Exports Assignments

January 30, 2014


Students, Here is the screenshot of the writing assignment that aligns with your imports vs exports graphs. You can use this to finish your homework assignment if you didn’t finish in class! Mr. Elders  

Economic Indicators CER assignment

January 23, 2014


Students, Here is the information for the Economic Indicators CER that we’ve been working on in class and is due tomorrow. Dont forget to color code your CER! If you want to access the information for the World Factbook, you can access it HERE. Click on the country and then scroll down and click on […]

Inca Assignment

January 14, 2014


Students, Here is the archology assignment for the Inca Civilization.

Geography of the Western Hemisphere

December 4, 2013


Students, Attached is the Geography of the Western Hemisphere Powerpoint that we’ve used througout the unit. This can help you review for your assessment next week! Geog. of West. Hemisphere -Mr. Elders


August 17, 2012


  Hello new 6th Graders! I am pretty excited about a new school year and the excitement that always comes with new beginnings. If you’re in my homeroom, I’m so excited to have you. 6th grade is honestly a really fun year with lots of changes and privileges that you haven’t had in the past. […]