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Be a Hero!

May 27, 2015


If you’re interested in learning about Ancient Greece in a fun way play this ( Greek Hero ) game. There’s a link on the right side of the screen. Once you reach all accomplishments in all three cities leave a comment below! Good luck!

Greek Wars Study Guide

December 10, 2012


Below is a study guide for the Greek Wars, which we’ve been studying in class and will be studying for the next week or so. Plan to have the assessment some time next week! Greek Wars Review

Greek Architecture

October 29, 2012


I found this website, which I think it pretty interesting. Through this website you can actually create your own Greek temple and consider the different artistic touches that you want to include. Check it out! I think you’ll like it. In the comments, tell me how your temple turned out. Build your own Greek Temple!

Ancient Greece

October 27, 2012


Below you will see a list of websites you can explore to extend what we’ve been learning about in class. If you have found any other websites that are interesting or helpful be sure to let me know in the comments! Lots of facts and information on everything we’re learning This is a […]


December 1, 2011


Remember to wear your house shirts tomorrow! Go Panthers!!!! Also, remember to bring your togas for the Greek Olympics!


November 29, 2011


6th Graders, This is your reminder to bring a “toga” with you on Friday to help dress the part at the Greek Olympics! We are going to have an amazing time!


November 14, 2011


Greek Olympics

November 11, 2011


Check out this cool website that talks about the Ancient Greek Olympics. Click ME!

Test your knowledge

November 8, 2011


Check your knowledge with a self-correcting test on Ancient Greece. How many can YOU correct right on your first attempt? There are a ton of questions Leave your percententage in the comments after you finish! Ancient Greece Practice Test

Greek Culture Review Sheet

November 7, 2011


Ancient Greek Culture Study Guide <— Click Here for the Study Guide. Assessment is next week Tuesday the 15th.