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February 21, 2018


Hey students, Here’s a few website for you to checkout that relate to Microfinance. I think this is a great way to give other people opportunities that they wouldn’t otherwise have! -This is the organization that Kojo is a chairman of. Check out this page ( and this one for loan opportunities (– […]

CIA World Fact Book

June 1, 2016


Students, Here is the link that we will be using in class to investigate the economies of South America. . . . . . Surprise!

Lemonade Stand and Coffee Shop

May 19, 2016


Students, Here’s the activity we practiced today in the computer lab. This is a great way to practice your understanding of simple economic concepts and consider ways of improving your profits! Lemonade Stand: Leaderboard: $47.81 (initials: JuY) $39.28 (initials: ZM) $21.50 (initials: LS) $13.40 (initials: AD) $9.38 (initials: NG) Coffee Shop: Leaderboard: $365.60 (initials: […]

Economic Vocabulary

December 10, 2014


I created a way for you to practice the economic vocabulary terms. I hope this helps! Click the link below. Have fun. Economic Vocabulary Quiz

Imports Vs Exports Assignments

January 30, 2014


Students, Here is the screenshot of the writing assignment that aligns with your imports vs exports graphs. You can use this to finish your homework assignment if you didn’t finish in class! Mr. Elders  

Economic Indicators CER assignment

January 23, 2014


Students, Here is the information for the Economic Indicators CER that we’ve been working on in class and is due tomorrow. Dont forget to color code your CER! If you want to access the information for the World Factbook, you can access it HERE. Click on the country and then scroll down and click on […]

South American Economies Paragraph

January 20, 2014


Students, Below is a brief description of the short writing assignment, which is due on Tuesday.

Anthony’s Awesome Video

April 13, 2012


Hey everybody check this out! It is a great presentation about our economics project and shows awesome creativity! Watch the video, which was created by Anthony, by clicking this link —>keychain-problem

Cain’s Arcade

April 12, 2012


Watch this awesome video about a student who started and created his own arcade! Looks like he had incredible marketing as well!

Youtube Video of the Week

March 23, 2012


Pennies a day Here’s the video we watched about microfinance in class. What a great story!