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Triangles and Quadrilaterals Review

April 11, 2018


Students, DESMOS activity to begin HERE is a game that will help you practice your understanding of naming angles by their sides and by their angles! Quadrilaterals Review Game 2 Enjoy! -Mr. Elders

Chapter 5 Review Games

May 31, 2016


This was so much fun…. Coordinate Grid Games This weird carrot game (Game Over Gopher) better link This game where you end up earning 200 points no matter what. (Stock the Shelves) Catch the Fly  2 Player Coordinate Grid Basketball Coordinate Grid Integers Comparing and Ordering Integers Games Fruit Splat Number Balls  Integers Pacman Absolute Value Games Absolute […]

Ratios and Proportions

May 26, 2016


Hey everyone, I found a pretty cool game that you can practice ratios and proportions in a really fun way! Check it out! A full list of all the games!:

Function Machine!

February 13, 2015


A FUNTIVITY!!!!! Here is a link to the Function Machine!

Big Ideas Math Online

October 4, 2014


Did you know that you can now log in to Big Ideas Math from home!? Follow these short steps and you have access to tons of resources from home. Including a PDF of your full textbook if you’re tired of carrying it home every night! First, log in to You can easily get there […]

Area and Perimeter Practice

April 1, 2014


Here is a game to practice the area  of quadrilaterals Baseball Geometry Here is a game to practice the perimeter of quadrilaterals: Basketball Geometry Here is a game to practice the circumference of cirlces: Basketball Geometry Here is a game to practice the area of circles: Basketball Geometry   All 4 are similar, but different […]

Cheesey, Corny, and Helpful

March 24, 2014


Hey, I just found this youtube video that helps explain the metric system and the conversions that we’ve been talking about in math class this week. Hopefully it’s helpful for you and you remember: Kangaroos Hop Ditches Making Dogs Catch Mice

Finding Unit Rates

February 19, 2014


Finding unit rates is one of the more challenging topics that we cover in our current unit. I would love for everyone to get some extra practice in this area. I have linked a video and a place where students can practice finding unit rates. Enjoy! Practice finding unit rates

Multiplying Fractions Millionaire

January 20, 2014


Hey Everybody! Here’s the game we were playing in math today!

Subtracting Fractions!

January 9, 2014


Subtracting Fractions!  I know this can be a difficult idea, but this website will really help. Take your time and you can do great! Be sure to use the other math online resources as well! -Mr. Elders